Plants of Sri Lanka

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Maintained for the benefit of all naturalists interested in the flora of Sri Lanka. This page is dedicated to great people who documented & brought flora of Sri Lanka to the student as well as the lay Sri Lankans over the years, namely Henry Trimen, A H G Alston & Joseph Dalton Hooker(1893-1931), Susan George Pulimood & Anna K Joshua (1941),Dorothy Fernando (1953), T B Worthington (1958), M D Dassanayaka & F R Fosberg (1980), W D Clayton (1995), Mark Ashton, Savithri Gunathilake, Neela de Zoysa, Nimal Gunathilake & Siril Wijesundara (1997) and many more….

Families of flora in Sri Lanka.

There are 214 families of flowering plants (Angiosperms), several families of cycads and conifers (Gymnosperms) and families of ferns (Pteridophytes) in Sri Lanka. Click to see the list of families of flora in Sri Lanka.

Invasive plants in Sri Lanka






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