Family – Papaveraceae

Family – Papaveraceae. 4 genera in Sri Lanka



149.01. ARGEMONE  L.

  1. mexicana L. E:Mexican poppy

149.02. BOCCONIA L.

B.frutescem L. E:plume poppy, tree celandine

149.03. DICENTRA Bernh. (Now under Fumariaceae)

D.scandens (D. Don) Walp.

149.04. FUMARIA L. (Now under Fumariaceae)

F.vaillantii Lois.. E:fumitory


Reference – A CHECK LIST OF THE FLOWERING PLANTS; Lilani Kumudini Senaratna, B.Sc. (Colombo) M.Phil. (OUSL), Department of Botany, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda.  Published by National Science Foundation 47/5, Maitland, Place Colombo 7 SRI LANKA

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