Family – Rhizophoraceae

Anisophyllea cinnamomoides , Family-Rhizophoraceae , Common name-Weli piyanna වැලිපියන්න , Origin-Endemic , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-RF, W ,Comment-Two ranked leaves with deciduous small leaves in between persistent large leaves., Referance-R2-500

Rhizophora apiculata , Family-Rhizophoraceae , Common name-Kadol, කඩොල් , Origin-Native , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Dry zone mangrove, Costal ,Comment-Pendulous fruit, prop roots, leaf apex tapered (apiculate), 5mm mucronate. Flowers sessile, usually 2-flowered., Reference-R2-490

Rhizophora mucronata , Family-Rhizophoraceae , Common name-Kadol, කඩොල් , Origin-Native , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Dry zone Mangrove, costal, ,Comment-Pendulous long fruit, leaf apex is mucronate about 1 cm, leaf apex blunt, prop roots. Flower usually 2 or 4, on a stalk., Reference-R2-491

171.02. BRUGUIERA Lam.

B.cylindrica (L.) Blume  [Bruguiera caryophylloides Blume]

B.gymnorhiza (L.) Savigny [Rhizophora gymnorhiza Lam.] E:mangrove S:mal-kadol

B.sexangula (Lour.) Poir.

Carallia brachiata , Family-Rhizophoraceae , Common name-Dawata දවට , Origin-Native , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-Rain forest subcanopy ,Comment-Leaf upto 10 cm. Leaf apex blunt. Occasional stilt roots at base. Common. Similar to Carallia calycina., Reference-T&S 75.4, R2-496

Carallia calycina , Family-Rhizophoraceae , Common name-Ubberiya උබ්බෙරිය , Origin-Endemic , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-RF ,Comment-Uncommon. Leaf apex acuminate often with drip tip. Occasional stilt roots at base. Similar to Carallia brachiata.Can occur in same area., Reference-R2-496

171.04. CASSIPOUREA Aublet

C.ceylanica (Gardner) Alston [Weihea zeylanica (Gardner) Baill.] S:pana T:kannu

171.05. CERIOPS Arn.

C.decandra (Griffith) Ding Hou  [Ceriops roxburghiana Am.]

C.tagal (Perr.) C B. Rob.  [Ceriops candolleana Arn.] T.chiru-kandal, chivukandal

Reference – A CHECK LIST OF THE FLOWERING PLANTS; Lilani Kumudini Senaratna, B.Sc. (Colombo) M.Phil. (OUSL), Department of Botany, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda.  Published by National Science Foundation 47/5, Maitland, Place Colombo 7 SRI LANKA

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