Genera – Dimocarpus, Nephelium, and Pometia

Dimocarpus longan , Family-Sapindaceae , Common name-Mora, මොර , Origin-Native , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Dry, int, rainforest understory ,Comment-Leaves pinnate, base pointed unequal, yellow flower, edible fruits, brown with black seed., Referance-T&S 82-3

Nephelium lappaceum , Family-Sapindaceae , Common name-Rambuttan , Origin-Introduced , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-Cultivated, home gardens ,Comment-Pinnate leaf, white flowers, orange to red fruits., Referance-.

Pometia pinnata , Family-Sapindaceae , Common name-Gal mora, ගල් මොර , Origin-Native , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Rain, wet ,Comment-Leaflets nearly oppocite, unequal base, flush yellow red., Referance-R12-362

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