Genera – Nelumbo and Nymphaea

Family-Nelumbonaceae – Nelumbo nucifera (Nelum, නෙලුම්)

Family-Nymphaeaceae – Nymphaea nouchali ( Nil manel , මානෙල්), Nymphaea pubescens

Nelumbo nucifera , Family-Nelumbonaceae , Common name-Nelum, නෙලුම් , Origin-Native , Habit-Aquatic , Ecology-More in dry zone ,Comment-Color variation from red to white. Leaf rises above level of water.

Nymphaea nouchali , Family-Nymphaeaceae , Common name-Nil manel , මානෙල්, Origin-Native , Habit-Aquatic , Ecology-Widespread ,Comment-Syn N stellata. National flower. Color varies from white to purple.


Nymphaea pubescens , Family-Nymphaeaceae , Common name-Olu, water lily , ඕලු, Origin-Native , Habit-Aquatic , Ecology-Widespread ,Comment-White to red flowers. Leaves pubescent beneath


Nymphaea mexicana , Family-Nymphaeaceae , Common name-Yellow lotus , Origin-Introduced , Habit-Aquatic , Ecology-Nuwaraeliya disctrict ,Comment-Introduced and escaped from Hakgala gardens. Seen at Horton plains, Ambewala.

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