Genera – Schleichera, Sapindus and Allophylus

Schleichera oleosa , Family-Sapindaceae , Common name-Kon කෝන් , Origin-Native , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-Dry and intermediate forest canopy ,Comment-Leaf pinnate, distal leaflets larger, flowers green, fruits edible, brown, ovoid pointed., Referance-T&S 82.12

Allophylus cobbe , Family-Sapindaceae , Common name-Kobbe කොබ්බ , Origin-Native , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Wet, rain, montane. ,Comment-Leaf trifoliate, serrate., Referance-82-1

Sapindus emarginata , Family-Sapindaceae , Common name-Soap nut, kaha penela, penela, පෙනෙල , Origin-Native , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Dry monsoon forest ,Comment-Pinnate leaf with leaflet apex notched. Fruit used as soap., Referance-.

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