Genera – Adansonia, Bombax and Ceiba

Adansonia digitata , Family-Bombacaceae , Common name-Aliyagaha / Baobab, අලියාගහ , Origin-Introduced , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-Dry arid north west coast ,Comment-Introduced from Africa., Referance-.

Bombax ceiba , Family-Bombacaceae , Common name-Silk cotton tree, Katu imbul, කටු ඉඹුල් , Origin-Native , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-Rain, wet, inter, dry ,Comment-Bright red flowers with leafless tree, palmate compound leaf.

Ceiba petandra , Family-Bombacaceae , Common name-Pulun imbul, imbul, pulun, පුලුන් ඉඹුල්, පුලුන්,  ඉඹුල් , Origin-Introduced , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Home gardens ,Comment-Fruid fiber used in pillows, Referance-.

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