Genus – Calamus

Calamus ovoideus , Family-Arecaceae , Common name-Thudarena, Sudu wewal, Tambutu, තුඩරෑන, සුදු වේවැල් , Origin-Endemic , Habit-Creeper , Ecology-Rain forest ,Comment-Leaf ends with a cirrus which helps climbing upto 50 m. Large species of the cane., Reference-R14


Calamus rivalis , Family-Arecaceae , Common name-Kaha wewal, ela wewal, කහවේවැල්,  එලවේවැල් , Origin-Endemic , Habit-Creeper , Ecology-Wayamba south pf Deduru, WP, CP ,Comment-No cirrus on leaves. Flagella present, Reference-R14


Calamus rotang , Family-Arecaceae , Common name-Wewal, polonnaru wewal, වේවැල් , පොලොන්නරු වේවැල් , Origin-Native , Habit-Creeper , Ecology-Wayamba north of Deduru, NCP, eastern ,Comment-., Reference-R14

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