Genus – Dillenia

Dillenia indica , Family-Dilleniaceae , Common name-Hondapara හොඳපර , Origin-Native , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Wet zone, close to water ,Comment-Narrow long leaves., Referance-.


Dillenia retusa , Family-Dilleniaceae , Common name-Godapara ගොඩපර , Origin-Endemic , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Wet, disturbed sites, scrub ,Comment-Less prominent projections (repand serrate) on leaf border close to the apex. Leaves smaller in taller trees in forested areas., Referance-.

Dillenia triquetra , Family-Dilleniaceae , Common name-Diyapara දියපර , Origin-Endemic , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Wetland, rain forests ,Comment-Sharp projections (serrate) on leaf border., Referance-.72-2-4p


Dillenia suffruticosa , Family-Dilleniaceae , Common name-Para පර , Origin-Invasive , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Wetlands, disturbed places. ,Comment-Yellow flower. Native species have white flowers., Referance-R10-110


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