Genus – Artocarpus

Artocarpus altilis , Family-Moraceae , Common name-Del දෙල් , Origin-Introduced , Habit-Small tree , Ecology-Low and mid ,Comment-syn A. incisus. Cultivated. Male and female flower., Reference-T&S 61.1,


Artocarpus heterophyllus , Family-Moraceae , Common name-Kos කොස් , Origin-Introduced , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-Low and Mid ,Comment-Common home garden tree, widespread. Fruit is an alternative staple., Reference-.P128-2-2

Artocarpus nobilis , Family-Moraceae , Common name-Waldel වල් දෙල් , Origin-Endemic , Habit-Large tree , Ecology-Rainforest, intermediate canopy, subcanopy ,Comment-Sapling leaves pinnate lobed similar to A.altilis, Reference-T&S 61-3,


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