Jayaindra Fernando

Dr Jayaindra Fernando, MBBS, MS, FCSSL is a general surgeon attached to Lanka Hospital, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka where he has served since 2002.

He is the author of the books “A selection of Fruits of Sri Lanka” and “Fame and Pain: Medical Stories of 100 Famous People”. Jayaindra is known as a nature artist. You can view some of his work at


Dr Jayaindra Fernando was the President of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka in 2020 and Ex Co member  of the SAARC Surgical Care Society.

Native Flora Sanctuary

You can meet Dr Jayaindra Fernando at Lanka Hospital by online appointment or by calling (+94) 011-5431185. If urgent please visit the Lanka Hospital ETU or call 011-5431088. You may contact Dr Jayaindra Fernado by emailing jayaindraf@gmail.com.

Fame and Pain; Medical stories of 100 famous people

Jayaindra Fernando

Published 2009 – Soft cover – ISBN 955-50431-0-6 – 254 pages

Would history have been different if….Shakespeare had not touched a cannabis pipe, Queen Victoria did not spread haemophilia, Hitler had Penicillin, Andrew Jackson was really mad, if a doctor did not talk about the guillotine, Van Gogh was treated with modern medicines?

To find out, read this book includes medical stories of 100 famous people from the White House, royalty, politics, ancient world, literature, art, music, sports, doctors. They are from diverse lands and times. The text is spiced with illustrations and quotations and written in simple language.

Read about the resurrection attempt on George Washington, Churchill’s tablets, Anthony Eden’s surgery affecting the Suez crisis, the scandal of Dr Stephen Ward, the actual Frankinstein, the lies of Munchausen, Napoleon’s stomach, the truth about the curse of Tutenkhamun and much more.

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